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        Our Communities

        We make a positive difference in our communities

        Freddie Mac employees have a long tradition of making a difference. It starts with their commitment to our housing mission that has made home possible for nearly 75 million families over the last 46 years. It extends to our Community Crew volunteers giving back to our communities. And continues by being focused on making a positive, lasting impact for the environment and communities across the country.

        • Making Home Possible

          We work with trusted intermediaries and housing professionals at our Borrower Help Centers to prepare borrowers for successful homeownership and help them keep their homes when they are struggling financially.

        • Community Engagement

          Year-round our Community Crew volunteers unite with our nonprofit partners to make a real difference for families and communities from Los Angeles to New York.

        • Green Campus

          Green Campus

          We’re working to build sustainable, earth-friendly practices in every part of our business to minimize our impact on the environment.