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        Freddie Mac Home

        $7.8 Billion
        Comprehensive Income for Full-Year 2019

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        Transcript: Freddie Mac CEO Discusses Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2019 Financial Results

        In 2019, Freddie Mac delivered solid earnings, with strong returns and executed on our mission of providing liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market.

        David Brickman
        David Brickman

        Mark B. Grier Joins Freddie Mac Board of Directors

        Freddie Mac announced that Mark B. Grier has been elected to its Board of Directors effective February 18, 2020. Grier served as Vice Chairman and a Member of the Board of Directors of Prudential Financial, Inc....

        What Drives Renting and Owning Decisions?

        Why do you live where you live? Our survey finds affordability remains a key concern for both renters and owners.

        Duty to Serve

        Tackling the nation’s most persistent housing challenges

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        New Survey Shows Affordability Continues to Drive Purchase and Rental Decisions

        CONSUMER RESEARCH | Feb 11, 2020

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        We're Tracking The Market

        Freddie Mac surveys lenders each week on the rates, fees and points for the most popular mortgage products. Average Mortgage Rates as of February 20, 2020

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        30-Yr FRM

        0.7 Fees/Points

        15-Yr FRM

        0.8 Fees/Points

        5/1-Yr ARM

        0.2 Fees/Points

        Celebrating 5-years of SERVE

        Giving, volunteering, and making positive impacts in our communities

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